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Dr. Joe Bannon is a multi-certified distinguished expert and master instructor in Tactical Police Street Combat; Dignitary Protection and Specialized Martial Arts. His study of the martial arts began in 1961 under his father who was the commanding officer and chief combatives instructor for the U.S. Army Hand to Hand Combat Unit. Dr. Bannon most recently served as a Special Agent; Tactical Commander and the Chief Defensive Tactics / Police Combat Instructor and Tactical Combat Program Developer for the Office of the Attorney General and Department of Justice in Los Angeles, California.

As a 28-year veteran of law enforcement and former task force agent with the United States Secret Service – Presidential Protection Detail; he has served as the close quarter bodyguard to three United States Presidents; Pope John Paul II; First Lady Hillary Clinton and many other foreign and domestic dignitaries.

 Since the beginning of his tenure in law enforcement, he has survived more than 300 armed and unarmed violent street and overseas jungle confrontations while holding the ranks of Street Patrolman; Undercover Police Narcotics and Street Gang Suppression Officer; Sergeant-Inspector; Government Special Agent; Air Assault Commando and Police Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Counselor in the most violent, dangerous and high crime ridden areas and ghettos of Los Angeles; San Francisco; New York City; Puerto Rico and South America.

He has served as the Tactical Commander for the Attorney General’s Protection Detail; Covert Task Force Agent with the D.E.A. Helicopter Air Assault and Anti Drug Commando Raid Unit; The F.B.I. Witness Protection Program; Special Deputy United States Marshal on “America’s Most Wanted” Fugitive Apprehension Team; as well as extremely sensitive, high risk assignments with SWAT; Covert Spec-Ops; Counter Sniper; Tactical-Intelligence; Anti Terrorism and Homeland Security Groups.

 Dr. Bannon holds several master designations and black belts within a diverse cultural array of martial arts disciplines. He currently is a disciple (member) and instructor at a traditional “Shaolin” type Chinese Kung Fu and Tai Chi martial arts temple in southern California. He has been an innovator over the years in “combining ancient Shaolin secrets with modern medicine and science” which breeds a “new age – old age” perspective of the martial arts. His ultimate objective is to rediscover the “ancient secrets” of centuries old martial arts and incorporated them into existing styles and techniques. Dr. Bannon is currently a candidate for a masters certification in Authentic Shaolin Dim Mak; Traditional Chinese Medicine Philosophy and Pressure Point Fighting.

 Dr. Bannon was awarded his primary Doctorate Degree (D.Ch.) in Holistic and Allopathic Health Science as well as an additional Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Theocentric Clinical Psychology. He is also currently a candidate for a third Doctorate in Martial Arts and Sciences from the American College of Martial Science; the only college within the United States of America to award such a degree.

 It is Dr. Bannon’s greatest desire to leave behind the legacy of having rediscovered and returned back to the martial arts the “high octane;” the original and authentic “ancient Shaolin temple and family secrets” as well as the “true essence;” “original meaning” and medical combat application of the arts that have been lost throughout the course of history; cultural segregation and time.   


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