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One of the goals of THE SOCIETY is to unify principles, independent of ones loyalty or devotion to a particular style, teacher or system.

Most of the Charter Members have been in the arts for twenty to thirty years and we have had time to balance our experience of the real world against what we have been taught. In effect, we are a society of nonbelievers in the concept that any knowledge whether in whole or in part is perfect. No teacher regardless of how great, no system of fighting regardless of how old, or text regardless of how sacred, is ever complete. We are engaged in a constant search for an illusive concept of perfection.

The fundamental assumption of the SOCIETY OF THE HWARANG is that this fighting system is a living art form, and that each generation assimilates wisdom as a natural part of experience and learning. But the wisdom of one period is not always the wisdom of the next. We acknowledge Tradition, but do not treat it as an encyclical edict. It is simply accumulated experience that must be constantly tested on the mat and in the streets.

THE SOCIETY is a site where martial artists who share a basic pool of technique that can exchange ideas about their art without fear of offending the faithful. THE SOCIETY will not ask martial artists to choose between loyalties. We are focused on the knowledge, not internal politics or organization. We want to debate everything from internal and external principles of power, kicking technique, effectiveness of joint locks, ground fighting and grappling, training methods, belt rank standards and peer review as well as the marketing and business side of martial arts. Beyond the fighting arts, we can direct a disciple toward a study of acupuncture acupressure, bone-setting, and natural healing; we will promote a functional knowledge of Western and Oriental history and philosophy. Our goal is to construct a totally integrated martial artist.

THE SOCIETY OF THE HWARANG is more than a forum. It aims at setting standards in an attempt to perfect the system and methods of training. There are two levels of participation: The first, is to join in the discussion as it occurs on the Internet, no membership will be implied or required. The second level of participation is membership which implies taking responsibility for setting the standards themselves. Membership will elect a Board of Councilors who will vote on all aspects of the art.

THE SOCIETY is a democratic organization. While we recognize Rank and respect what comes with it, everyone who is a member will have an equal say regardless of rank. The purpose of THE SOCIETY is to examine the structure of the  martial arts with a regard for tradition, but through the prism of a Western skeptical view point. We start with the assumption that both principle and technique must be proven before it is preached. Nothing will be taken on faith, and fearless in our determination to assimilate knowledge whatever its source. But it must pass the test on the mat.

Participation in the Society

To participate in the Society's discussion (simply open the Contact Us Box above and address your) e-mail comments to Bob Duggan at [email protected]. If the commentary is considered to be of general value, it will be circulated among other members on the network. Given the feed-back, an opinion on training or technique could become a contribution to the Instructors Manual or Discussion on Technique. If the commentary is an article of general interest it can be posted to the Article or the History Box.

Membership in THE SOCIETY OF THE HWARANG is limited: Requirements include ten years training in the martial arts, sponsorship by a SOCIETY member and a willingness to participate in the research and development of the system. Members can benefit from the association by having their name and school posted in the Directory Box on the Society's Web Site, have their products and training listed in the Products and Seminars Box. Members will have the right to vote on all substantive issues before the organization, elect a Board of Councilors and to be tested for Rank according to THE SOCIETY's Standards of competence.

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