Voluntary Agency Network of Korea (사이버 외교사절단 반크)

VANK (Voluntary Agency Network of Korea) is a cyber diplomacy organization of 120,000 Korean and international members united under the purpose of properly introducing Korea to the world and promoting cultural exchange through international friendships. After the meeting with VANK, Hwarang has established a mutual relationship in which Hwarang has also become diplomats, spreading awareness about the unfairness and the misinterpretations of Korea. Together, we will correct any wrong text about Korean written in history textbooks. Young Koreans become cyber diplomats: VANK has developed and implemented an education program for cyber diplomats. Many young Koreans dream of becoming diplomats. This program teaches them how to interact with foreigners and act as citizen diplomats. Young Koreans become global PR ambassadors: VANK has developed and implemented an education program for global PR ambassadors. An increasing number of Koreans go abroad for study, travel, or volunteer activities. This program fosters their ability to properly represent and promote Korea to foreigners. Young Koreans become world changers: VANK has developed and implemented an educational program for future world changers. We hope that young Koreans can contribute to solving global issues, such as poverty and environmental issues. This program develops their ability to make a difference in the world.