Amazon Fulfillment Center 방문기

On behalf of the business committee, the Bay Area’s Hwarang members rendezvoused for a tour on February 17, 2020 at the Amazon Fulfillment Center in Tracy, California. With the guidance of an experienced employee, Hwarang members were led through the numerous floors of industrial and mechanical environments. The building boasted an astounding size, and was claimed to contain “enough metal to reconstruct the Eiffel Tower – twice.” The process was very meticulously designed, and every part of the system was supported by reason. For example, the walkway was designed to reach every area of the building without interfering with the drones, which were shifting boxes and products to be shipped off to their respective customers. One thing that stood out to everybody was the efficiency and functionality of the drones, which used intelligent programs to direct each other and make sure that the shipments were processed and handled as fast as possible. This was interesting because it was the first time that a company toured by Hwarang had automated and intelligent computation replacing manual labor. We saw how machines are very efficient when they are automated and can use their sensors to direct themselves. This is an advanced application of the sensors we use in the IT committee events for the hamster robots. Going forward, the IT committee hopes to establish more programs based on networking and advanced communication / mobilization techniques that can be used in the real world. Also we learned that the future of business lies in technology, and how cost reductions and error rates could be diminished by clever implementation of it. Amazon also ran a process known as SLAM, or scan, label, apply, manifest. This method of scanning the product, labeling the respective box, applying its instructions to the conveyor belt, and manifesting itself into delivery allowed for versatility in the infrastructure. The Hwarang Business Committee as a whole was able to learn about the importance of customer care from this visit. There was heavy emphasis on providing support for consumers, and how a company without respect for its customers is one without a manageable reputation. This is important because many members are interested in becoming entrepreneurs in the future, and the principles upheld by Amazon can be ones that prospective Hwarang CEOs can use in their workplace. As the tour ended, Hwarang members exited with new knowledge on how to run a business. The importance of consumer care, product perfection, and technological implementation is just as important as the entrepreneurial concept and delivery.