Airbnb 본사 방문기

Airbnb, is an online marketplace for arranging or offering lodging, primarily homestays, or tourism experiences. On January 19th, 2020, Hwarang Silicon Valley was given the opportunity to visit the Airbnb Headquarters located in San Francisco, California, is one of the most well designed campuses in the world. When we entered the headquarters, we were all amazed by the design created by AirBnb. The staff were polite and our guide told us everything we needed to know. When following the tour trail, we were amazed by the designs that was inspired by Airbnb listers from different parts of the world. All of the meeting rooms were named after parts of the world. One of the designs were inspired by an Airstream. The Airstream was accurately recreated and was put in a workspace to act as a meeting room. Another very interesting room was a small ramen shop inside of an interview pod. The tour guide stated that once someone posted the ramen shop on Yahoo and people came to Airbnb to ask where the ramen shop was. We soon got to the last room where we were able to see the first room ever listed on Airbnb. The creator of Airbnb had listed the room in order to make enough money to start up the company. The guide had told us that they also made money by selling cereal boxes and made them as parodies such as Obama-Os. After the tour finally ended I was very satisfied with the amount of information given to our group. I was able to see the amazing campus of Airbnb and was able to hear the stories behind them all. We were able to find out that Airbnb was more than just a homestay company and had an amazing story behind it. Thanks to our guide we were all able to have an amazing time at the Airbnb Headquarters. – Robin Park / Fremont High School 9th Grade