Chairperson's Message

Ever since its founding in 2006, Hwarang Youth Foundation’s purpose was in its name: a foundation. A foundation not for a building, but for a person’s success and character. No one is born to succeed, success is achieved by a journey of effort and perseverance. However, no journey is easy alone, Hwarang Youth Foundation’s dedication to leadership and self-growth through volunteering serves to make everyone’s journey easier.

A common misconception is that the quality of a leader is something you are born with, but rather it is something to be recognized in oneself through constant practice and struggle. A leader isn’t born but made through hard work and struggle. Hwarang provides the opportunity for members to practice and experience self-growth.

The international branch is dedicated to spreading this idea of self-growth through leadership and volunteering. Maintaining chapters in Korea, Philippines, Ukraine, Guatemala, El Salvador, Hawaii, Boston, and Northern California, Hwarang International is at constant work to spread Hwarang in China, Japan, Germany, and Argentina.

Change does not happen automatically, it must be strived for. Good work is not done without thought, it must be planned. Success is not given, it must be achieved. That is why Hwarang is dedicated to training and refining the leaders of tomorrow, for a better future.

Alex Ha


It is an honor to present myself as the Summit Chairperson of the Hwarang Youth Foundation. The Hwarang Youth Foundation is a volunteer service organization established with the goal to create future leaders for the betterment of society. Personally, I would have never imagined becoming the Summit Chairperson, but the way this foundation encourages individuals to achieve their acme is what truly puts Hwarang above other volunteer service organizations. As our members continue to serve the community, I have observed that many individuals change and find themselves closer to becoming a true leader.Through the duration of my presidency, I will not only attempt to expand Hwarang but also aid my members in becoming influential leaders to the best of my ability. It is amazing to be able to witness so many individuals passionate to help others and reach for their goals.

Julian Kim