Chairperson's Message


The Hwarang Youth Foundation is a volunteer service organization established with the goal to create future leaders for the betterment of society. Qualities of leadership are valued greatly, and how this foundation encourages individuals to achieve their leadership is what truly puts Hwarang above other volunteer service organizations. As our members continue to serve the community, I have observed that many individuals change and find themselves closer to becoming a true leader. Our foundation goes beyond the local communities and has passionate members in Korea, Philippines, Ukraine, Guatemala, El Salvador, Hawaii, Boston, and Northern California. Having the opportunity to connect and reach out to our members globally is a great honor, as I get to witness so many individuals passionately helping each other and to reach the ultimate goal: the betterment of our society.

Julian Kim


Hello. My name is Hannah Park and I’m a rising senior this year. As Summit President, I would like to welcome everyone to our Hwarang Website. I am currently attending University High School Charter. I never thought this day would come where I became Summit President of Hwarang. Over the years of adapting myself into an environment where I had to break my introvertedness to meet new people was challenging, but overcoming it was one of my greatest accomplishments this year.

Our volunteers have been a part of several activities over the years like: park restorations, phone banking campaigns, mask making, toiletry donating, monthly virtual leadership meetings, and more during COVID-19. Events that were new this year, due to our new circumstances, were movie nights showing korean historical films, for students to learn more about their true identity as koreans. In addition, we did phone banking campaigns for politicians, Census 2020 door tag hanging, and volunteering at election polls.

My goal as Summit Chair this year is to relay my experience as a leader, to my members, so that they can have the chance to learn more about the issues in our community and new applications to use in the real world. I hope that we can continuously inspire more volunteers to join Hwarang to experience the ways of how we can make our city and global community a better place.

Hannah Park