Kocen is a chapter based in Koreatown/Central LA that was founded in 2016. As the chapter representing the largest community of Koreans inside the United States, we strive to empower the Korean youth to devote time and effort to resolve humanitarian issues. We have members with a wide variety of ages which allows to educate and develop the younger members into strong leaders. Some of our activities include park and beach cleanups, garage sales, and serving the homeless. We aspire to achieve even more than we did the year before.


Vivien Lee


Welcome to Kocen! My name is Vivien Lee and I am the president of Kocen.

Founded in 2016, Kocen is a chapter based in Koreatown/Central LA.

Kocen places an emphasis on not only serving the community, but also on finding your strengths and interests, engaging with others, enriching your cultural and societal knowledge, cultivating your leadership skills, and achieving personal growth. To do so, we participate in activities ranging from collecting recyclables each month to volunteering as teaching assistants for young students interested in Korean language and culture.

As chapter president, I intend to focus on finding and nurturing each and every members’ passions in helping our community and becoming strong leaders. I believe that it is necessary to establish a chapter as a tightly knit family because it creates a sense of passion and unity, which in turn benefits the community because we can cultivate a desire to become active participants and address issues through united efforts. Each member has a crucial contribution to make and I believe that we can become a more efficient chapter and produce more effective results if we work together as a team.

Thank you for your continued support!

Chloe Bang


Rey Hyoun


Aidan Bang



Harvard-Westlake High School
Marymount High School
John Marshall High School
Van Nuys High School
Grover Cleveland Charter High School
Palisades Charter High School



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