Welcome to Sunnyridge! Founded in the City of Brea in 2014, Sunnyridge is the second chapter to exist within the Orange County district and really started its current growth. Currently, Sunnyridge stands strong as one big family due to our uniquely small size. This allows us to pay more attention to our members, new and old, easing the formation of close bonds. Despite our size, our passion for this foundation is second to none. We always make sure to give it our all during events, constantly trying to one-up ourselves in the process. Together we can pull through any situation, without even considering the option of giving up. Sunnyridge is a chapter where everyone is given the opportunity to truly expand their knowledge about society; with our main mission of helping every member find their role in society. With the help and knowledge gained by the Hwarang Youth Foundation, we wish to expand Hwarang in order to make changes, big and/or small, in order to change for the better. We believe that there will always be people who suffer, people who are silenced, and people who are in need. We are determined to help these people and improve their lives. We want to continuously promote compassion and excellence to the members of our organization as they start their path as both intelligent and experienced leaders with a mission to make our society better. In a larger context, the world cannot be changed so easily, but our goal is to make these changes little by little because even the smallest change makes a big difference. To put it concisely, our small yet extremely passionate chapter strives members to develop members into highly capable and skillful leaders of society, and will continue to do pass on this goal to our newer.


Jihoon Choi


My name is Jihoon Choi, and I will be serving as the chapter president for Sunnyridge in the years 2022 through 2023. Our other leadership positions for this year are occupied by Sarah Hwang(Vice President), Jaemin Cho(Secretary), Grace Heo(Treasurer), Kayla Kong(Public Relations), and Sean Pyon(Board of Directors). The Sunnyridge chapter is based in Orange County, and we participate in many activities to help make our community all the more beautiful. Some of our monthly activities include making sandwiches for the homeless, recycling the trash members have collected, and cleaning parks. As a chapter with close bonds and passion for helping others, we partake in our service to our community responsibly, and with enthusiasm.

Sarah Hwang

Vice President

Jaemin Cho


Grace Heo


Sean Pyon


Kayla Kong



Troy High School
Sunny Hills High School
Los Alamitos High School
Cerritos High School

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