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Matthew Suh


Hello, my name is Matthew Suh and I am excited to say I’ll be working as the President of the San Diego Chapter. The San Diego Chapter is one of the newest Chapters to join Hwarang being founded in the year 2021. Due to this our main goal as a chapter is to expand, getting like-minded people to join forces for a similar goal: improving our society. While we may be limited in size, just like the Flowering Knights known as Hwarang, we believe we can make a profound impact even with our small size. Ways in which we have started improving our society are through events such as monthly recycling, beach cleaning, and park cleaning at local regional parks. In addition to the current effort to continue with volunteer work for the San Diego Community, the San Diego Chapter has been working diligently to grow within by reaching out to local junior high and high school students to join. Ways in which we hope to improve our size are publicizing our events and using social media platforms to reach out to others.


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