Welcome to Crescent!

We are a newly founded chapter, located in LA County. We represent the cities, La Cañada Flintridge and La Crescenta.

The word ‘Crescent’ is derived from the Latin verb ‘Crescere’, which means “to grow, increase, and develop”. It also represents the visible part of the moon. We chose the name Crescent because it speaks for our chapter’s motto: no matter how small the growth may be, always progress and develop. Our chapter’s goal is to become the ‘illuminated’ part of our community (moon), and become visible to the people outside of our community. We hope to do so through community service and advocating for our neighbors. As we gladly serve others, we strive to become more mature and helpful leaders of society, giving back to what our community has already given us.

The work that our chapter does varies from big to small. Some of the work that we do/will do consist of cleaning parks and streets, recycling, helping animal shelters, making food, holding cultural events, tutoring, doing internships, and being engaged in political movements. Through the five loves of Hwarang, our members will always be growing, both as a group and as an individual, to better serve the people and leave an empowering impact to the world.


Hayden Choi


Cody Lee



La Cañada High School
Crescenta Valley High School
Rosemont Middle School

Crescent PHOTO


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