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In August of 2021, the San Diego Chapter was founded with 6 members. At the time we were the newest and smallest chapter and being down south of LA, we are far from other chapter locations and hq. Despite this, our chapter has grown to 13 people in 2022-2023 and under the supervision of chapter president David Han, our work has allowed Hwarang to serve areas in southern California and we are optimistic that with this strong foundation, our chapter will proudly represent Hwarang in the San Diego area and grow at the same time. The work that we do in the community includes recycling, local park and beach cleanups, homeless work and donations, and volunteering at Hwarang events. Guided by the five loves of Hwarang, the San Diego chapter hopes to grow in both members and character while proudly representing Hwarang in the San Diego area.



Hello, I am David Han and I am 16. I will be your San Diego Chapter President this year and I will be a junior in high school at Pacific Ridge. Our San Diego chapter is the chapter located the furthest south so as a president, I have extra commitment to make the drive with my chapter to travel to events, grow, and foster our chapter. Through activities like park cleanups, recycling, serving disabled persons, working with the homeless, and beach cleanups, I hope to have a positive impact on San Diego and for Hwarang as a whole. I am super excited to lead and grow the chapter as we have considerably grown since last year. I look forward to building off this solid foundation and introducing new members to Hwarang so they can get involved too. Hopefully with that in mind we can have a bigger impact in our work in San Diego and in Hwarang as a whole.


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