◦ Temecula is a small located in Southern California.
◦ President, Erin Lee started our chapter in April 2018. Currently, Amber Hong holds position as President.
◦ We currently consist of 13 members.
◦ Due to the long distance from our city to Los Angeles, we struggle to attend summit events. Despite this, we pour much of our time and effort into local events held in our city.
◦ Our chapter as a whole has learned many important qualities over the past active year such as leadership, commitment and the importance of community.

Some of our monthly local events include :
◦ Recycling – once a month, usually Saturday or Sunday. Profits are made towards large events such as the Vision Concert.
◦ Chapter Meetings – utilized to discuss important information for members who were unable to attend summit meeting
◦ Latino Food Servings – hand out breakfast and coffee to workers who are in search of day jobs as a form of encouragement from our chapter, which is held at our city’s Old Town

Some of the LA hosted events we attended:
◦ Vision Concert – A concert put on to fundraise for the missionaries to help Guatemalans in need of vision care.
◦ Summit Meetings – Meetings that we have every other month with all the other chapters and the Summit Cabinet


Amber Hong


Lauren Park

Vice President

Catherine Hwang


Ryan Lee


Arissa Jeong

Public Relations


Great Oak High School
Murrieta Mesa High School
Chaparral High School
Temecula Valley High School
Bella Vista Middle School
Dorothy McElhinney Middle School

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