The newest chapter in Orange County, Shilla, is formed from one of the already established chapters, Westridge. The name, Shilla, comes from one of the three kingdoms in Korean history. Shilla branched out of Westridge in June, 2018 to exert more focus on volunteering and to help grow Hwarang Youth Organization. From the time Chapter Shilla became independent, many active events and volunteer work have been done including monthly recycling,beach cleaning, and park cleaning at a local regional park. In addition to the current effort to continue with volunteer work for the Orange County Community, Shilla has been working diligently to grow within by reaching out to local junior high and high school students to join. As of today, July 2019, Shilla grew in numbers from the 5 original members to 20 active members, including S.O.S. During the year of 18-19, our goal was to recruit more members, so we publicized our volunteer events in hopes of bringing in new members to our organization. As a result, we were successfully able to increase our chapter from five to twelve members.

For the remaining year of 2019 and 2020, Shilla will continue to participate in local and regional events. By sharing the same goal from the main headquarters, Shilla hopes to reach far and beyond to help continue to fundraise and volunteer time to help underprivileged people gain vision in Guatemala. The future vision is to continue to grow in numbers, expand our volunteer services to reach more community.

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Jun Min


Yuna Lee

Vice President

Lynn Sunwoo


Emery Park



Brea Olinda High School
Sunny Hills High School
Parks Jr. High School
Troy High School
Brea Jr. High School
Kramer Middle School
Beechwood Elementary School
Hermosa Drive Elementary School

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