Hello! Welcome to the Eastland Chapter page. This branch was one of the first installments of the youth foundation, having existed for more than ten years in Hwarang’s thirteen year history. Our club is primarily based in the Eastern region of Los Angeles County, covering the cities of Diamond Bar, Chino Hills, Rowland Heights, and Hacienda Heights. We aim to reflect the message of Hwarang in our dedicated community service, attempting to emphasize the prominence of youth representation in society. By highlighting this ideal, we can better communities for the future by developing potential leaders that will augment and improve on the flaws civilizations may have today. Currently, the chapter of Eastland is one of the biggest clubs in the youth foundation, having approximately 26 members and counting. Moreover, Eastland has members in a variety of ages, varying from as young as a sixth grader in middle school to a high school senior. Although Hwarang seems to primarily advocate for Korean representation, Eastland is unique in a way that has members of different Asian ethnicities. Our service days are primarily on each of the Saturdays in every month, with events ranging from holding regional park clean ups, recycling, marching in parades, and assisting with major events that take place within the Los Angeles Korean community. We also have major promotional events which endorse the youth foundation, such as the annual Korean Festival and National Night Out events that are also held in downtown Los Angeles. In essence, through attending these prestigious events, our club attempts to convey the importance of allowing the younger generations to being exposed to communal issues that occur in societies, in order for the world to become a better place.


Tyler Pak


Greetings! My name is Han Lee and I am the president of Eastland from 2019-2020. As it stands, my club is a great place of oppurtunity and friendship for anyone. My club is currently taking on a new challenge to find new events to participate in and to find nee members who are hardworking and dedicated. I believe that our hardworking nature and unrelenting passion will surely lead to a great year. As president I will make it my duty to stand by these words and my club with fairness and honesty. Go Eastland!!

Hanna Kim

Vice President

Charles Lee

Vice President

Gina Kim


Philip Shin



Diamond Bar High School
Glen A. Wilson High School
John A. Rowland High School
Nogales High School
Ayala High School
South Point Middle School

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