My name is Jaeseong Lee, and I am the current president of the Saratoga.

Chapter in the Hwarang, the youth organization founded in 2006.(2006은 LA, 2018년부터 Silicon valley 시작됨) Throughout my time in Hwarang I have experienced many different obstacles and activities all for the benefit of my leadership skills. (cowork other members).

One of these specific projects was the Blankets for the Needy project, a project that the Saratoga Chapter organized. The Blankets for the Needy Project consisted of four parts: the planning, fundraising, shopping, and finally volunteering. Over a combined five months, we organized a project where we would fundraise to make enough money to buy blankets and other essential necessities to give away at the City Team Shelter. We started in August during our monthly chapter meetings where we decided to do a volunteering activity related to helping those people who need support. In October 2019, we organized a garage sale during which we sold our unnecessary goods and even lemonade to many customers. After months of organizing and preparing, on, 4th, 2020, our chapter as a whole volunteered at the shelter and donated the blankets.

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world, our chapter decided to make masks and sanitizers to donate for the homeless people who were exposed to the highly infectious diseases freely.(이러한 활동이 다른 3개챕터로 확장되어 함께 도움) I learned that a leader should be flexible for the needs of the community and be responsible for the community throughout the activities I have done in Hwarang. Overall, Hwarang brought me an opportunity to start the journey of a strong leader.


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