In the summer of 2016, GIVE was created as a branch of Hwarang Youth Leadership by Heidi Jung, the first president of GIVE.

GIVE is based in Koreatown, Los Angeles, CA, and the name is an acronym for “Get Involved, Value Everyone.” Our chapter aims to embrace each and every member, and puts emphasis on the value of leadership and hard work. As of 2019, we have over 20 active members. GIVE strives to embrace not only volunteer activities, but also friendship as well as both mental and physical growth.

GIVE’s age range is more diverse and has a lower average age than most other groups in Hwarang, this being one of our many attributes. Due to this, GIVE’s biggest goal is to create and provide as many opportunities as possible for all of our members to gain life experiences, regardless of age. We utilize mentor programs and care for each member, so that GIVE can continue to thrive under good leadership, and so that GIVE can maintain the same energy and involvement that the founding members strived for.

Another major characteristic of our chapter is that GIVE is known for being the most active chapter within Hwarang, and constantly serves as a reliable foundation for this club. As a result of our efforts, we received the Best Club Award in 2019. GIVE’s members make an effort to approach any and all events with enthusiasm and an open mind. Aside from regular Hwarang events, our members are also involved in a number of Hwarang committees, including the IT committee, Humanities committee, and the performance committee, which gives our members the opportunity to use their talents and find their passions. Many GIVE members continue to show their leadership by serving on Summit’s Board of Directors.

As Hwarang’s representatives of Koreatown, we confidently showcase our Korean American identity and sense of community. We hope to continue to GIVE more to the community, and we hope that you all will GIVE love to us as well. Please continue to show your affection and interest, and please support us as we continue to grow and develop. Thank you.


Shua Kang


Hi, My name is Shua Kang. I am a senior at Downtown Magnet High School, and I am the president of GIVE. I have been a member of Hwarang for approximately 3 years. Through my Hwarang experiences and from former GIVE members and leaders, I have been able to learn the value of finding my passions and of cultivating my interests. GIVE is filled with bright, hard working, and organized students who share a love of culture, embracing both Korean and American sides, as well as a love of community, striving to better Los Angeles one step at a time. As both a member and now as the president of GIVE, I am proud to introduce you to our chapter and I am eager to see what the future holds.

Junwoo Cho

Vice President

Jisung Lee


Joshua Yoo

Board of Director

Junho Li

Board of Director


Alhambra High School
New Covenant Academy
Rise Kohyang High School
Larchmont Charter High School
Downtown Business Magnets High School
Loyola High School
Campbell Hall High School
Granada Hills Charter High School
Fairfax High School
Burbank High School
Glory Christian School
Cathedral High School
Buckley High School
John Marshall High School



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