Hello, this is the Cupertino Chapter! Our motto is "We never dreamed about success. We worked for it." We took part in many activities to help out people that were in need. Some of these projects were the blankets for the needy project and vision festival nanta. The blankets for the needy project was very well planned out and took a very long time for it to be carried out. There were several parts to complete this project of buying blankets and other essential tools for those who lacked them. In order to raise money to buy all these necessities, we had to do a garage sale where we sold all the items that were no longer useful to us. After doing so we waited for black Friday when all the items would be on sale. We took advantage of the sale in order to buy as many items as possible so that we would make the most out of the money that we had worked hard to gain in the garage sale. After a long time of preparation, we were finally able to actually distribute the blankets that we had worked so hard to get. We helped out an organization by serving food to the homeless and by distributing blankets after they had finished their meals. We were all happy that this plan worked well and plan on doing the blankets for the needy project every year. However, we were not satisfied with just this project, another one that we took part in was the vision festival nanta. We planned to make a festival where we would try to raise money to donate to Guatemala. In order to do this, we practiced using the traditional Korean drum called nanta. We took lessons every week in order to improve our skills to be able to perform nanta at the vision festival. Unfortunately, we were not able to perform due to the Coronavirus. This virus made it difficult for us to carry out our volunteering activities and made us think about what we could possibly do to still help out the community. In the end, we thought of doing online classes to teach people from far away. We took part in many activities that included teaching special needs, helping kids in Korea improve their English skills, and teaching children how to code. Although we could not meet with them physically, through the use of technology we were still able to help others and we were able to continue with our volunteering activities. Even though we have faced many difficulties, we have overcome them in order to continue their goal of making this society a better place for all.



Hello, my name is Kevin, President of Cupertino Chapter. Before I joined the Cupertino Chapter, I was part of the Saratoga Chapter. Everyday I am looking for ways to help my community whether it is cleaning up or helping less capable people. Although the Covid-19 pandemic has limited certain opportunities, I still try to help others anyway I can online.


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