Hi! My name is Ha Yeon(April) Park, and I am the President of the Cupertino Chapter. Cupertino city is known for one of the founding cities of Silicon Valley with excellent public schools. In this educative city, our Cupertino chapter members seek opportunities to help people in our community. Why? When we volunteer, we are not paid in money or recognition, but we are paid in love. Generally, people call the period in which high school students like us go through adolescence. During this time, we explore diverse experiences and seek who we are and whom we want to be. The future depends on what we do in the present and volunteer would guide us to be in the right way to reach our goals. Our Cupertino chapter desires to participate in supporting the community because we know what volunteering means to us. Our chapter is new so do not know everything how to volunteer effectively but try to make something that entertains and comforts people. For three months, members have had a meeting first to make a brochure that would spread the information about our family, Hwarang. Getting new members, our chapter went to Cupertino healthcare center and met grandmother and grandfather who want to go outside but could not. So, they have a conversation with our members whatever they want to either hear or talk. Also, Easter day was coming so we made 50 Easter eggs for fundraising. Dying and decorating Easter eggs with members, our chapter gets closer together. These activities are just the beginning of the Cupertino Chapter. The more volunteer we plan and engage, the more we improve, and the better the society would be. People say that volunteering is time-consuming. However, our Cupertino chapter would volunteer with reminding ourselves, ?volunteers are not paid — not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless.? I am proud of being one of the members in Hwarang, which opens us into the best opportunities that accept our creativity. Our Cupertino chapter is different from those who are just pretty but not attractive at all. Keep on eye on us! We will grow up as a global leader with prettiness and attractiveness. Moreover, we will always thank everybody who assists us and to the world.