FLEO, established in 2014, is a community service club located in Santa Clarita Valley.
We are proud to be one of the many SoCal Northern Region Chapters of Hwarang Youth Foundation (HYF).

Currently, FLEO is composed of 14 passionate members who demonstrate commitment to serve our community through HYF special events and community service projects. We are also involved in Councils and Committees such as the Medical and IT Committee.

In general, FLEO is dedicated to offering access to gates of opportunity;

1. To learn about yourself, your goals and your strengths,
2. Meet new friends and engage in diverse groups of people
3. Improve leadership skills working alongside peers,
4. Enrich your social, cultural and political awareness,
5. To serve our community,
6. Most importantly, to have fun.

플리오 (FLEO) 는 2014년에 설립되어 산타 클라리타에 위치하고 있는 화랑 청소년 재단의 봉사단체이다. 플리오는 많은 남가주 화랑재단에 속한 한 단체로서 자랑스럽게 활동하고있다. 현재, 플리오는 14 명의 긍정적인 회원들로 구성되어 적극적으로 화랑 재단안에서 봉사활동 뿐만아니라, 사회적/정치적 활동을 하고 있다. 더 앞어, 플리오는 모든 활동자들에게 이와같은 기회의 창을 제공하고자 응원한다. 1. 개인의 목적 그리고 강점을 찾고 자신을 알아가고 배움 2. 새로운 친구들을 만나고 다양한 사회적 관여와 경험 3. 팀 안에서 리더십 향상 4. 사회적, 문화적, 정치적 인식 5. 우리의 커뮤니티를 위해 봉사 6. 가장 중요한 점은 즐거움과 보람이다.


Jahun Lee


Hello, my name is Jahun Lee and I am the president of Fleo. The chapter Fleo, located in Santa Clarita, is one of the funniest and friendliest people you will ever meet. With the combination of West Ranch High School and Valencia High School, we are all very close with each other and it makes it really easy to get along. Your goals as a chapter are to serve the community and give back to those who work harder than anyone else. The chapter is always finding ways to improve life for the elderly, the poor, and the workers. During Covid, we have thought of many ideas we will expand on and execute. For example, we plan to do activities with the elderly because they do not have many people to see because of the pandemic. As the president of an amazing chapter, I wish to pass on the knowledge I gained from previous leaders and the ideas I made myself. This will help improve the working environment for the future members that may join. I also want to improve the social skills of many of my members because a lot of new members have joined and they are intimidated by the older members. Therefore, I want to help them get along better as well.

Brett Kim


Isaac Kim



Valencia High School
West Ranch High School



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