San Fernando Valley (SFV) Chapter covers the area of Chatsworth, Northridge, Granada Hills, Van Nuys and other areas in valley. Due to the fact that we are the very first Hwarang Chapter that this successful Organization originated from, we have very special pride, dedication, passion and mission with the mind that we need to work harder than other chapters. Current Fleo and SoCal Chapters were split from SFV Chapter when we got bigger. With that in mind, we have expanded our weekly community volunteer services on our own with other organizations such as St. Joseph Korean Catholic Center, Children’s Hunger Fund (CHF) and others. In addition, we participate in Fern Dell Park cleaning, recycling services and chapter meetings as a part of our regular community services. We have a very close friendship among our members and parents and plan to expand our members to serve our community better! We would love to have more members to join our chapter and anyone is always welcomed with our warmest heart and biggest applause!

산페르난도밸리 챕터(SFV)는 Chatsworth, Northridge, Granada Hills, Van Nuys, 그리고 그 이외의 지역의 봉사를 맡고 있습니다.
화랑이 설립됨과 동시에 최초로 만들어진 챕터이기 때문에 저희는 화랑의 시작을 함께한 단체로써 긍지, 자부심, 열정 및 사명감을 가지고 다른 챕터보다 더 열심히 해야한다는 필요성을 늘 느낍니다.
저희 챕터가 커지면서 현재의 플리오(Fleo)와 소캘(SoCal) 챕터가 산패르난도 챕터에서 파생되었습니다.

그러한 마음가짐으로 저희 역시 지역 봉사활동을 확장하며 발전하고 있습니다. 매주 실행하는 세인트 조셉 성당 센터와 아동 기아 기금 등 다양한 단체와의 꾸준한 봉사활동을 통해 이를 실행하고 있습니다. 또한 펀델공원 청소, 분리수거 활동, 챕터 미팅 등 주기적으로 다양한 활동을 진행합니다. 저희는 멤버들과 부모님들 간의 돈독한 우정관계를 자랑하며 화기애애한 분위기 속에서 지역 봉사활동의 범위를 넓혀가는 데 기여하고 있습니다. 더 많은 멤버가 우리 챕터에 가입하시기를 바라며 누구든지 큰 박수와 따뜻한 마음으로 기다리고 있겠습니다.


Edward Moon


Hello everyone, my name is Edward Moon, and I am the president of the SFV Chapter of Hwarang Youth Foundation. I am a rising junior of Granada Hills Charter High School, and I have been in Hwarang for nearly 1.5 years now. What Hwarang means to me is a true foundation set to instill leverage into the world to such an extent that is possible, to encourage the potential of young people to make a changing impact onto the world. It is a way to understand society in a clearer way, a way to add peace and aim for the good in so many different ways. The feasibility and accessibility that Hwarang provides for a new generation is nothing short of incredible, the opportunity and definition that Hwarang stands by is pure. Most definitely, it aligns with my own standards, and it remains crucial in my own personal development.


Granada Hills Charter High School
Cleveland High School
Van Nuys High School



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