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This chapter was founded in 2014 and is based in the northern region of Los Angeles County, including La Crescenta, La Cañada, Glendale, Burbank, Pasadena, and Arcadia.

Our branch, ‘Healer Chapter’ of the Hwarang Youth Organization, is based on the spirit of the Hwarang and participates in many activities to understand, embrace, and help overcome the challenges of families and neighbors together in love. Currently, 16 members of our branch regularly clean parks and collect recyclables. Additionally, we hold Korean cultural events and activities to make Korea known to the world. We also participate in other events to help Guatemalan neighbors with open eye surgery and to give back to the community.

Like the name of our Healer Chapter, each middle school and high school student becomes a ‘Healer’ to build understanding and teamwork with one another. Graduates in college continue to mentor current chapter members wholeheartedly and build trust and lasting relationships. From small service activities to large organized volunteer opportunities, our Healer friends learn and awaken leadership skills which were once dormant, grow to be responsible, and seek to mature more and more as a person. This is the goal of our Healers and the vision of our Healer Chapter.


Junki Lee


I am Jun Ki Lee, President of the Healers Branch. I have been volunteering at Hwarang Youth Foundation since last year. When I joined Hwarang, I just participated with a simple purpose to build my volunteer time, but I found out the meaning of volunteer work after continuing to participate for a year. When I first participated at our chapter’s steady activities such as park cleaning, recycling and fundraising activities, I was clumsy and very embarrassed because of the attention from passing people or hikers. However, some neighbors who saw us helping with cleaning the park and garbage collection gave a bright smile and a warm gratitude to us. We also explained to our first-timers about fundraising while they listened to our stories. When we listened and received help from them, we learned from experience that our little powers can come together and make big changes. Our small hearts gathered to open the hearts of our close neighbors, make them warmer, and created an opportunity for eye surgery that would allow Guatemalan children overseas to regain sight. My precious experiences had changed the world little by little continuously.This year, as president of the Healers Chapter, I want to create a more valuable and varied experience with our members. I believe we can have a good time to grow together by serving as a community, feeling the joy of it, growing within each other, and laughing. Volunteering transforms me and the community around us peacefully. It’s a fun, meaningful, and very valuable experience that can grow. Our Healers members want to invite you to this same jubilance we receive from volunteering and are always welcome to anyone!

Miles Min Seo Kim

Vice President

Kenneth Kim


Helene Che


Jaime Song

Board of Director


Rosemont Middle School
Crescenta Valley High School

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