Hello, this is the Torrance Chapter President Sam Choi, and this is just a small introduction about my chapter. Although we may be one of the smaller chapters within Hwarang, we do have members with dedication. It is always a great time when our members go out to meetings and events. As of right now, we are trying to increase our amount of events with park cleanups and garage sales for fundraising. Overall, the Torrance Chapter of Hwarang is a great club to join if you?re looking to increase your volunteer hours, meet new people, or just have an impact on your community. Even though individually we may not be able to do much if people come together and work with each other, we can accomplish great things.


Isaac Chon


Hello my name is Isaac Chon and this year I am president of the Torrance chapter. I have been involved in Hwarang for about 2-3 years now and I have to say that it has been fun as well rewarding. Last year I was a Secretary for my chapter and although it was tough, I very much enjoyed it and because of that I decided to apply for presidency. This year, with the help from my fellow members, I hope to improve the Torrance Chapter as well as creating a lasting impact in the community we live in.

Jeesung Kwon

Vice President

Jamie Kim


Ryan Choi



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