Amerige, the first branch in the OC area, has been a part of Hwarang for multiple years. With the help of our club many more OC branches were formed such as Westridge, Sunnyridge, Pioneer and Shilla. We have served multiple cities throughout Southern California including, but not limited to, Fullerton, Brea and even Los Angeles.. Along with our volunteer work in our local communities, we have been gathering money to pay for eye cataract surgeries in Guatemala, so those who cannot afford such a surgery can get it without a hassle. Throughout the years, many Amerige members have donated their time and effort towards helping those in Guatemala, and serving those in need. Amerige has faced many obstacles, especially since we were the first branch in OC, but we have always pushed through and devoted all of our energy into volunteering. As time passes and Amerige grows, new leaders will be born, people will recognize their impact on the communities surrounding them, and they will strive to fight for what they believe in. Ultimately, I hope to see the young members of our community grow to become strong and dedicated leaders and find what they are passionate of through Amerige.


David Lee


Hi, this is David Lee, the current acting president of Amerige. Many people join Hwarang to get community service hours, but here at Amerige, I aim to show students that we are able to make a huge difference in hour community. Through activities such as park cleaning, beach cleaning, recycling and much more, we are able to make our community a much better place. With the addition of more members, we can hold more impactful events and even help others outside of where we live!

David Chung

Vice President

Emily Hur


andrew lee


Joshua Kim



Brea Olinda High School
Sunny Hills High School
Troy High School

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