Hwarang Day


Every October 10 is Hwarang Youth Day. It is the day to commemorate the adoption of Resolution by the California State Senate and the House of Representatives, and celebrate Hwarang’s achievements and milestones with the world’s chapters.

10월 10일은 화랑 청소년의 날입니다. 캘리포니아 상원 및 하원위원회에서 통과된 결의안을 기리는 날로써 화랑 청소년 단체의 다양한 활동을 전세계의 지부들과 매년 축하하는 일을 맡습니다.

Previous Activities
  • Hwarang Day/Festival – November 11, 2017
  • Hwarang Day/ 겨레얼 한마당 – October 13, 2018
  • Hwarang Day – October 2019
Activity Plan
  • Annual Hwarang Day

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