Hello, my name is Annabelle Kim and I am the Head Editor of the Journalism Committee at Hwarang Young Foundation. Our goal for the Journalism Committee is to spread education about Korean heritage and how it affects young Korean-Americans. The past events have included coordinating with the Business Committee for the Gala Event; we worked on finishing the award slideshows as well as organization of different photos for the event. We have had three separate meetings in which we decided our roles, what we want to do, and also for the Gala Event. Through the first and second meeting, the Head Editor and Head Media was decided. (This Committee has two different bodies, Journalism and Media, that are working together.) By 2021, our main event will be centering around gathering reports from various chapters. The reports will be in an essay form on a prompt that our Committee decides upon. The main goal is not only to fulfill these events but also to expand our members. We have a limited number of members right now and it would be beneficial to have more. The IT-Journalism is repsonsible for the constant update of articles, brochures, and news within Hwarang. By allowing the students to write news, articles, and borchures, the Journalism Committee allows its young leaders to express themselves in a generation where candid expression is hardly demonstrated. The Journalism Committee discusses the injustices in the world and informs the general public of the many things not exposed in public through the Hwarang website. Not only just limited to Hwarang, articles are also posted on major newsletter companies such as The Korea Times and LA Times in order to encourage the youth to become the changes that impact and improve the community for the better. One example seen in The Korea Times is Clara Son’s “The Rising Sun Flag of Olympic (2019).” In this article, she discusses the true meaning behind the Rising Sun Flag and calls for an apology of Japan’s past faults inflicted on Korea. Like Clara, Hwarang inspires its members to be the change rather than to wait for the change in everyday problems.

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