Hello! My name is Alison Moon and I am currently serving as the SOMA (Student Organized Medical Association) LA Chairperson for the Medical Committee. I am a junior at Immaculate Heart High School and I initially joined the committee because I have a strong interest in the field of cognitive science and biomedical engineering. Our purpose in this committee is to offer a variety of opportunities in the medical field for our members to experience and determine future career options. Whether it be pediatrics or nursing, in recognizing the difficulty of choosing a single future path, we hope to support our members by narrowing down the many options in the medical track. We meet on the second Sunday of every month and discuss our ongoing projects and future plans. Currently, we are continuing a Pen Pal letter project in which we write letters to designated elders in senior centers. Especially with ongoing cases of COVID-19, we empathize with the elderly that are unable to meet with family members. Therefore, beginning in August, we have required each member to write one letter every month to a senior with similar interests. Though we do intend to continue this project throughout the year, there are also additional plans that we have such as hands-on activities and training sessions within the proper safety guidelines. Last month, we had our first guest speaker who was an ophthalmologist and many of our members expressed great interest in the field. After asking questions such as her transitions from high school to college to medical school and her daily schedule, it seemed that some members were convinced in choosing ophthalmology as their future profession while others expressed more interest in other fields. Despite being limited in the types of activities we can do together, we are thankfully able to continue offering alternative opportunities such as guest speakers during quarantine. Being in this committee has broadened my knowledge in the medical field and reaffirmed my passion for certain paths.

메디컬 커미티의 주요 활동은 건강과학과 의료관련 자원 봉사활동 입니다. 10대 청소년들에게 있어 대학 진학과 앞으로의 커리어를 위한 활동의 경험은 매우 중요합니다. 화랑 메디컬 커미티는 오렌지 카운티와 로스 앤젤레스 인근의 의료 자원 봉사 활동및 저개발 국가의 취약한 의료환경에서 고통받고 있는 환자들을 위한 활동을 주로 하고있습니다. 커미티 회원들은 병원에서의 봉사활동, 환자 방문, 실험실 리서치 등 의료관련 지식과 경험을 높이기 위해 원하는 봉사활동을 선택할 수 있습니다. 지역 병원에서 자원 봉사를 할 수 있는 자격은 성숙하고 자격을 갖춘 화랑 회원들에 한하지만, 적십자와 협력하여 주최하게 될 헌혈 활동은 모든 회원이 참여할 수있습니다. 심폐소생 교육과 헌혈활동을 통하여 화랑 회원들은 도움이 필요한 사람들에게 건강한 삶의 기회를 제공하고 삶은 바꿀수 있다고 생각합니다. 또한 매년 과테말라 지역의 앞이 보이지 않는 환자들에게 백내장 수술과 같은 시력회복 수술및 안검사와 안경, 돋보기, 선글라스등을 지원하고 있으며, 그들이 더 많은 의료 장비및 수술을 받을수 있게 지속적인 모금 활동도 진행할 것입니다. 시력개선을 위한 모금 활동은 우리에게 허락된 기본적인 안과 서비스 혜택을 받지 못하는 과테말라 사람들에게 훨씬 더 많은 영향을 미칠것입니다.

Previous Activities
  • We have been doing individual group research projects.
  • We collaborate to lead experiments to our research topic.
  • All together contribute to create an academic report that explains our data and results.
  • Have monthly medical meetings to update everyone on the reports.
  • Creating fundraisers to fund for glasses for patients to protect their eyes after their cataract surgery.
  • Preparing our annual eye camp, where we have Optometrists come to check up on patients eyes, BP (blood pressure), pulse, etc.
  • As a group, we will be visiting Guatemala over the summer to help patients with treatments.
  • Our advisor invites guest with a degree in the medical field, by having seminars, to offer us some advice in their journey of medicine,
Activity Plan
  • Fundraising
  • Having seminars to prepare ourselves with the future, if going to medical School
  • Monthly meetings
  • To have eye camps, for experience, so that we can know an idea of what to do at Guatemala

Medical Committee PHOTO