Founder's Message

The Hwarang Youth Foundation is a youth non-profit organization program that seeks to instill pride in its members, develop and train future leaders, and contribute to thecommunity.

First and foremost, Hwarang is a service organization; its members help out not only the nearby community but also the world as a whole, with various initiatives to send medical supplies to third-world countries, conduct educational outreach programs, and provide optical assistance to the visually challenged. Hwarang members are also committed to helping the environment to the benefit to the community: they participate in activities like cleaning up waterways, planting trees, and protecting the ocean. Such service to the community not only helps others, but is also a valuable training source for future leadership roles.

Hwarang is about more than just doing good things; it teaches an entire way of living life. With the fast-paced world and temptations of the internet, it is easy for teenagers to lose track of meaningful things in life. For this reason, members of Hwarang live by the Five Beliefs of Hwarang: Love of Family, Love of Nation, Love of Neighbors, Love of Justice, and Love of Peace. By remembering what’s important, Hwarang members develop into future leaders and decision makers who are virtuous and value harmony.

Hwarang welcomes everyone, but it can be especially worthwhile for first-generation students born in a foreign country. Developing a strong social identity while acknowledging one’s roots can be a difficult balancing act for recent immigrants; Hwarang helps students find themselves and become valuable members of their new communities.

Finally, our service and mentorship continues as refined leaders to train and persistently continue our spirit to the general public and to our members. Unification of 25 Hwarang chapter is in collusion in task as in local events to international affairs to help and serve the community and unfurl the ethos and scale in collaborative manners. As our five belief of Hwarang illuminates our principle through our unique leadership, with faith and trust, in the name of Hwarang we believe to spread the unalienable rights among them life, beneficial, and the pursuit of a more perfect union towards our community.

Howard Y. Park, Ph.D.
Founder of Hwarang Youth Foundation