Hwarang Youth Foundation's 9th Annual Vision Concert

Hwarang Youth Foundation (Founder Howard Park) has fundraised 32,000 dollars through their annual Vision Concert to raise funds for medical mission trips providing cataract surgeries in South America.

Hwarang Youth Foundation President Sarah Park and Student Leader Julian Kim have hosted their "9th Vision Concert" at Berendo Street Baptist Church located in Los Angeles. Memebers from 18 different chapters located in Southern California gathered to help prepare and enjoy the concert.

Performers included performances of traditional Korean drum team (nanta) named "Sound of Hwarang" and an AI robotics drum team, "BeOne" jazz dance group, hiphop group "PENIKE," Healer chapter's quartet, Isaac Sung (solo clarinet), dance group "Rebound," and Temecula chapter's ensemble.

The funds raised that day will be used to provide cataract surgeries in various regions of South America.

The Northern California Silicon Valley district has also held its Vision Festival on March 7th. They are planning to donate the funds raised through recycling and the festival to help add on to the medical missions.

Hwarang is planning on sending a medical mission team to South America around June, and the students are planning to host coding classes to help diversify learning experiences in rural areas.