2nd Generation Students Celebrate their Coming-of-Age Traditionally

"I had no idea that Korea had a Coming-of-Age ceremony. Because the ceremony presented me with a new name, I feel a different sense of responsibility." (Julian Kim 11th grade)

"15 females wore traditional dresses and formally bowed to their parents. This formal ritual made me realize that I should have a greater sense of filial piety." (Jungmin Lee 11th grade)

These were reflections of students who have participated in the Coming-of-Age Ceremony in Buena Park, hosted by the Hwarang Youth Foundation, which has its headquarters in Los Angeles, CA (Founder Howard Park).

Myung Won Cultural Foundation California Branch (Director Young-Mi Lee) organized the event, inviting 30 18-year old Hwarang Youth Foundation members this past 28th.

The students dressed in traditional clothing (sam-ga-rye, soo-hoon-rye) and followed the rituals. They worse headdresses and hairpins to announce their coming of age. After drinking tea, the students then bowed formally to their parents and the adults, finalizing their chapter of youth, and opening their chapter of adulthood.

Student Kevin Ryu stated, "I felt very warm inside, as this ceremony was not only for myself but also a celebration for my parents and grandparents."

Founder Howard Park congratulated the students, saying, "I hope everyone will learn to love Korean culture and traditions, as they become great members of society."

Participants shared their experience, along with their attire on their social media pages, proudly stunting the event that may be new to many of their audiences.

The traditional "Coming-of-Age" ceremony is not only a prized possession in our culture but also a celebration, congratulating the maturity of its people.