Petition Started to Ban the Use of the Rising Sun Flag in Olympics

The Korean Community has Started Banning the use of the Japanese Imperialist "Rising Sun" Flag in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Recently, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has permitted the usage of the Rising Sun Flag and the Korean community has started a petition against the decision on the White House "WethePeople" website.

The Korean community members who have started the petition claimed, "The usage of the flag will hinder the peace between countries and hurt the relationship of North and South Korea. In addition, will be a great detriment to the efforts of the U.S. trying to keep peace among nations. We ask that the federal government formally denounce the usage of the flag to the IOC."

The Hwarang Youth Foundation student volunteers are especially working hard to create informational flyers and posts to inform and educate the public.

Howard Park of Hwarang Youth Foundation stated, "We will continually work to ask the IOC to ban the usage of the Rising Sun flag. Additionally, we will encourage the parents and the students of our foundation to keep themselves educated and aware. In each region, we will have informational booths set up at various locations to provide accurate information."

However, there are only 10 days remaining to sign the petition, and it has not been able to meet half of 100,000 signatures, so we urge the Southern Caliornia Korean community residents to sign the petition.

To participate in the petition, visit the White House Petition Site ( and sign after verifying your name and email.