Petition Against Rising Sun Flag Reaches 100,000

The petition against the usage of the Japanese Imperialist "Rising Sun" flag at merely 60,000 signatures last week has reached 100,000 over this weekend and has moved on to the next phase.

Hwarang Youth Foundation, along with many other organizations, has set out on foot to campaign the banning of the flag, helping the petition reach 100,000 by the 21st.

The petition banning the Rising Sun flag at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics has reached 103,412 signatures on the We the People website, meeting the 100,000 signature requisite to formally request the White House to take action.

The White House is introduced and responds to the petition only if there are 100,000 signatures within the first month of the posting.

Many Korean community organizations celebrated this milestone, as "This would be a good cause to inform members outside of our immediate community of the pain and history of the flag. We hope that the 2020 Tokyo Olympic would promote peace and harmony among many nations."

Korean organizations started the campaign against the IOC's permittance of using the Rising Sun flag during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics the 24th of last month. The campaign which remained primarily online had less than 100,000 signatures with 10 days remaining, and the community members took action in person. They have since been able to reach their goal of 100,000 with 3 days remaining.

Despite the campaign, if the IOC does not rescind their decision permitting the Rising Sun flag, many Korean community organizations are ready to start a second petition and campaign against the decision.