Ramen, Tissues, Masks... Korean Youth Take Charge

The Korean-American students have taken the initiative to aid regions that are struggling due to the novel Coronavirus.

These students are from the Hwarang Youth Foundation, as directed by the founder, Howard Park.

Hwarang has planned to donate over 300 kits including rice, water, tissues, and masks to organizations focused on providing for disadvantaged members of our society.

These kits were made within each students' households and collected in one area.

Founder Park (pictured) explained, "The students have fundraised the making of these kits through recycling and garage sales, and plan on writing hand written cards to spread love."

The kits will be delivered to the Korean Youth Community Center (KYCC), YMCA, Los Angeles Korean American Community Ceneter, Korean-American Family Services, along with many other non profit organizations.

Founder Park has recently stated, "After recently reading an article (Korean Central's April 4th copy, page A4), I found it necessary that Hwarang helps to become a voice to undocumeneted citizens who may not be able to reap the benefits. We are planning to start a donation website to provide relief to households that have been affected by the Coronavirus."

Currently, there are 1220 Hwarang members in the Southern California region. The Foundation has a goal of providing at least one kit per member, hoping to make several hundreds of donations in the near future.