Overcome Covid-19 with Love Share!

The student volunteers of the Hwarang Youth Foundation (Founded by Howard Park) are starting their "Love Share" campaign, delivering "love share" care packages to those families who are facing hardships during Covid-19.

The "Love Share" care packages emphasize the love of neighborhood, one of the "five loves" that Hwarang emphasizes, providing aid to members of communities that are at a disadvantage. These packages have masks, sanitiziers, gloves, toilet paper, kitchen towels, rice, ramen, and canned and dry foods topped off with hand-written cards.

Hwarang Youth Foundation Summit President Julian Kim (11th grade) and Vice President Hannah Park (11th grade) stated, "Members of various regions have fundraised on their own to donate to non profit organizations that support undocumented and minorty families. Each region is projected to start delivering the care packages that they have put together on the 8th."

The "Love Share" care packages are to be delivered to KYCC and YMCA (70 each), Korean American Family Services (50), and OC Low Incom Senior Apartments. The remaining packages are to be delivered to minority families who are primarily undocumented.

Founder Park has mentioned, "Due to the novel coronavirus, Hwarang Youth Foundation has regularly supported the community. Hwarang's "Love Share" campaign will continue to donate necessary supplies to members of the community who are at an economic and social disadvantage."

Additionally, the Hwarang Youth Foundation hopes to expand the "Love Share" campaign to non-members, as they are developing a webpage to receive donations.