Howard Park, Founder of Hwarang Youth Foundation, Builds Leaders

Howard Park, the founder of the Hwarang Youth Foundation, has organized a Traditional Korean Coming-of-Age Ceremony, in Los Angeles, California.
This ceremony was hosted by the Hwarang Youth Foundation and had numerous second-generation Korean American students participating.
Let's meet the founder of Hwarang, Howard Park, who has established this organization is 2006.

30 students wore traditional Korean clothing to partake in this coming-of-age ceremony.
Located in Los Angeles, California, the Hwarang Youth Foundation students part took in the ceremony at a small park in Buena Park this past month (January 25th).
There were 30 18-year old students who participated in the ceremony. These students wore traditional clothing and followed through the Sam Ga Rye, Soo Hoon Rye (traditional Korean rituals).
Howard Park, who has organized and commenced this event mentions, "I hope that these Hwarang students would represent both America and Korea in a way that they respect the cultures and beauties, especially of Korea, as they should continue to remind themselves of their cultural origins."

Hwarang Youth Foundation Hopes to Produce the First Korean President
Founded in Los Angeles, California, The Hwarang Youth Foundation has approximately 35 international branches and 6,000 members volunteering under the organization's name. Their leader Howard Park, derived the name from the Shilla Dynasty of Korea, which had a lengthy ruling time due to its multi-talented youth leaders. He hopes to carry on that legacy through the organization, as they focus on the foundation's values: five loves (Love of Family, Love of Nation, Love of Neighbor, Love of Justice, and Love of Peace).
The City Council of Los Angeles has designated October 10th as "Hwarang Day" in 2017. The council recognized the foundation's works and members who have dedicated to better the community. This has been the first time an independent minority group has gotten recognition and has stirred conversations.
In addition, this past year, California has designated Children's Day (May 5th) as "Hwarang Youth Day." Howard Park who has pushed to accomplish such feats includes, "I want to encourage the students to take initiative to embrace their cultural identity and be the change. I hope that Hwarang will produce a Korean president in the near future."

The Best Inheritance is Not Wealth, it's "Hwarang."
Howard Park, who boarded a flight to study abroad in 1979 graduated with a Ph.D. from Texas State University majoring in Golf. He was the dean of Stanton Golf University in Los Angeles and started Aroma Golf Academy. He now has a goal of chartering a Hwarang chapter in every country of the world. Howard believes that the inheritance that he must leave for his children is not wealth, but Hwarang.
Chairman Park gives his final remarks, hoping that all second generation students "try their best where they are" and hope that they participate in Hwarang continually so that their future generations can continue this great legacy.