Hwarang Love Share

Within the past few months, the coronavirus has impacted more than two million people globally. In this time of international trauma, the pandemic exacerbates the divide between social classes as lower-income families struggle to make a living after being forced to leave their occupations and meet the high demands of living such as housing and food. Through the use of multiple platforms, Hwarang assembled funds to provide emergency relief through the form of everyday essentials to low-income families residing in America and third-world countries. With the purpose of providing for those most impacted by the Covid-19, members from each chapter created care packages with necessary items such as toilet paper, canned food, paper towels, and more. Such packages were donated to individuals in the most dire circumstances. In addition, along with the necessary items given from our previous love share event, several of our chapters in LA and OC were a part of a project to create handmade masks from unused fabrics to donate to our closely connected non-profit organizations and families in Guatemala. We came up with encouraging messages for the recipients to endure such hardships during the pandemic.