Opioid Awareness Drive and Seminar

One of Hwarang’s main goals is to work towards educating its members and the community about important yet often overlooked issues. In the past couple of months, a few members from the Medical Committee of Hwarang, also known as the Student Organized Medical Association or SOMA, organized seminars to raise awareness regarding the increase in opioid addiction cases. The students discussed how opioids can affect oneself, the causes of the addictions, and ways that we can prevent any further cases. A major takeaway from the seminars was that many people turned to opioids that were easily accessible in their own homes in order to alleviate the emotional stress they had been put under due to the recent pandemic. For this reason, an Opioid Drive was put together for members to donate any pills in their homes or neighbors’ homes that needed to be properly disposed of through the DEA. The drive was a huge success and inspired many to continue to share and bring more public attention to the serious issue of opioid addiction.