Comfort Women Day

Hwarang holds Korean culture and history very close to heart. We are always eager to educate ourselves and others and more importantly, take action to preserve our culture. The past few months have been a work in progress to protect the Comfort Woman statue in Glendale, California. Members of the Hwarang Youth Foundation were asked to write essays and create art pieces in regards to the history and story behind the Comfort Women. Then, a few members were selected to speak at a Comfort Women memorial by the statue, and the art pieces were put up around the statue in commemoration of those who have suffered living as a Comfort Woman. It was a truly surreal experience and an honor for many to be able to speak or showcase their personal experience and emotions that they felt after learning about the story of the Comfort Women. Through this event, members of Hwarang were able to take one step closer to fulfilling our duties as Korean-Americans to prevent the erasing of our history.