Annual Comfort Women Day

Preserving Korean history has always been a mission of the Hwarang Youth Foundation. Over the past year, using the essays and artworks created by our Hwarang members, the Foundation was able to publish a book called Peace to the Comfort Women, which details stories and testimonies of past comfort women victims and compiles the works of our members. Following the publication of the book, our Summit Chairperson, Eileen Lee, presented in front of the Glendale City Council on July 19, 2022 during one of their council meetings. On July 30th, the Hwarang Youth Foundation joined with the city of Glendale during an event, which featured an artwork exhibition of famous artists. Members were also able to listen to various speeches and watched as awards from the state of California, city of Glendale, and various Congressmen were given out to the artists and the Hwarang Youth Foundation. It was an honor to be able to listen to the words and emotions that people felt during these years of working to preserve the history of Comfort Women and ensuring that it would not be forgotten. Through this event, members of Hwarang were able to take one step closer to fulfilling our duties as Korean-Americans to prevent the erasing of our history.