“A leader needs a friend to share goals with, a partner to share his/her heart with, and a nation to serve with all of his/her heart. That's the best life one can live.”


104th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Korean Provisional Government

April 23 is a special day; it is the day when the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea wa

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Koreatown Beautification Project

In collaboration with KYCC and the 13th District of LA, our Hwarang members meet on the first and th

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CPR Training

With the mission of serving our community, Hwarang members are offered the unique opportunity to att

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KYCC Holiday Caravan

On December 3, 2022, KYCC held their annual Holiday Caravan event. The event was an all day event fi

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Annual Comfort Women Day

Preserving Korean history has always been a mission of the Hwarang Youth Foundation. Over the past y

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New Member Training

Our new Hwarang members gathered at the Glendale Central Library to learn more about the ins and out

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Tea Ceremony

On January 7th, the Tea Ceremony was held in Buena Park. The Tea Ceremony is a special traditional e...

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Hwarang Alumni Reunion Night

Hosted in The Dragon Restaurant, attendees were able to have a grand dinner consisting of delicious ...

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NextGen Leadership Seminar

Thank you to NextGen for inviting our members to listen to Chun B. Kim, Judge Tammy Riu, Esther Chae...

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Korean Identity Seminar

Thank you to the Gyeoreul for putting together a seminar filled with tons of fun activities on our K...

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Hwarang Day

10/15/2022 is a special date for all Hwarang members: it’s Hwarang Day! Full of fun games and compet...

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Korean Festival Parade

The Los Angeles Korean Festival is one of the biggest events in LA: an annual celebration filled wit...

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Mission Statement

TO EMPOWER volunteers to serve their communities
TO MEET humanitarian needs
TO PROMOTE international understanding through Hwarang