Comfort Women Day

Hwarang holds Korean culture and history very close to heart. We are always eager to educate ourselv

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Annual Charity Gala

The Annual Charity GALA is ultimately one of the most important events in Hwarang, serving as both a

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Leadership Training

On July 24, Summit held our first in-person, one-day leadership training in almost two years. Held i

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Opioid Awareness Drive and Seminar

One of Hwarang’s main goals is to work towards educating its members and the community about importa

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Mural Painting

At this event of the mural painting, we witnessed the artwork of the Israel Consulate of where they

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Recycling is a relatively small fundraising event that chapters utilize to earn a few extra dollars.

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Koreatown Cleanup

Koreatown has a serious dumping problem that are affecting the lives of over 120,000 citizens in 2.7...

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Korean Traditional Day

Korean Traditional Day, an annual tradition that celebrates Korean heritage and culture, was celebra...

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Award Ceremony (Drive Thru)

The award banquet of the Hwarang Youth Foundation is the last event of the year. However, due to our...

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Tea Ceremoney

The Tea Ceremony is a coming of age ceremony where members dress in hanboks and perform a tea ceremo...

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Charity Gala

The Charity Gala began in 2016 and serves as a wrap-up event for the past year spent volunteering. D...

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Hwarang Festival

Hwarang organizes a Hwarang Sports Festival annually where members participate in a field day type o...

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Mission Statement

TO EMPOWER volunteers to serve their communities
TO MEET humanitarian needs
TO PROMOTE international understanding through Hwarang